August 11, 2014

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August 2, 2014
Cool sculptue in 평창 (pyeongchang)
#southkorea #평창 #camping

Cool sculptue in 평창 (pyeongchang)
#southkorea #평창 #camping

July 19, 2014


1. 신사동, 1960

2. 신사동 including 가로수길, 1960

3. 한남동/한강진 1962. There were no bridge between 한남동 and 신사동 so a boat was a only way to across 한강. Another name of 한강진 is 한강나루 that means a port of 한강.

4. 신사동 after building 한남대교, 1968.  남산 didn’t have N tower yet that started to be built in 1969.

Nobody considered these area, 강남, as a part of 서울 in 60’s~80’s.

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July 7, 2014
SK Wyverns, Parity, and Acquisitions

The SK Wyverns are currently sitting in 8th place, and looking like they are heading for a second straight season missing the playoffs.  It is not because of their hitting though.  As a team they are hitting .283/.418/.356.  Solid numbers, not overwhelming but very good.  The more astonishing fact about their hitting is that as a team they are hitting better when they have runners in scoring position (.286), and they have the best BB/K ratio (2.05) in the league.  As an added cherry, catcher, 이재원 (Lee Jae Won) is hitting .401 through 70 games and nearly 300 plate appearances.  His numbers have dropped slightly over the past two weeks, once dipping just under the .400 mark, but his production has been outstanding for the Wyverns.  

In the past few games the Wyverns have staked their pitchers to large early leads, only to see them disappear in middle to late innings.  In their last start they jumped to an early 5-1 lead, only to lose 7-8 to the Lotte Giants.  The problem this year has been the astoundingly bad pitching from front to back.  

Pitchers this year have team ERA of 5.74, a 1.57:1 K/BB ratio, and opposing batters are hitting .290 against the Wyverns.  The pitching has almost completely canceled out the hitting this year.  Their two foreign pitchers have been woefully bad.  Jo-Jo Reyes was recently released after posting a 6.55 ERA through 78 1/3 innings.  Ross Wolf has not been much better with his 5.37 over 68 2/3 innings.  But with the release of Reyes, the Wyverns can bring in another pitcher to help bring a little balance to the team, which is what they did by bringing in Travis Banwart.



Travis Banwart, a former fourth round draft pick of the Oakland A’s who has spent this season with the Cleveland Indians’ AAA affiliate, and it looked like he could have potentially been a late season call-up for the team, since, like the Wyverns their pitching sucks.  In AAA this year he has posted some pretty good numbers, a 3.12 ERA and and K/9 just under 8.  He does have some issues giving up walks with 33 in 89 1/3 innings, but with the slightly expanded strike zone in Korea he should do well.  In all honesty anything is better than Jo-Jo Reyes.  So hopefully he sticks around a performs well.  

One more foreign acquisition could happen before the July 31 deadline.  Luke Scott, might get moved because he has been shitty and hurt most of the season.  Ross Wolf could also be dumped, in which case the Wyverns could jump on a few players who were recently DFA’d.  Wolf doesn’t seem to be leaving this season, unfortunately but he and Scott both end up being cut, then here are 5 suggested players available from the MLB.

  1. Alfonso Soriano (this would be a dream, but very unlikely)
  2. Jerome Williams (Recently cut from the Houston Astros)
  3. Ramon Ramirez (journeyman middle reliever, could help the Wyvern’s pen)
  4. Jason Kubel (recently released by the Twins and refused a minor league assignment, versatile enough for the Wyverns)
  5. Kevin Slowey (a short term rental player, but could be mutually beneficial if Slowey wants to sign on with another MLB team next year)
  • Honorable Mentions: Joe Saunder, Rich Hill, Jeff Francis, J.J Putz

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July 3, 2014
Looking at the Top 5 players of the USMNT

The world cup came to an end, in an expected fashion.  But being knocked out in the round of 16 to Belgium was far less disappointing than the draw to Portugal.  The US team is still growing and developing, so this was never going to be the World Cup where the Yanks, shocked the world.  This was, however, a step in the right direction. So here are the top 5 most important players to come out of this World Cup.  

5. Julian Green

Bayern winger/midfielder, and future star for the USA showed why he is expected to go far, and why it was such a coup to steal him away from the German national team.  With in minutes of coming into the match against Belgium he helped spark an attack that had been missing for the 105 minutes.  He also finished crisply, cleanly, and beautifully with a precise volley.  Had it been him, and not Chris Wondolowski, in at goal during injury time, we might be reading some very different headlines today.  The best part about Green’s upside is that he is 19 years old and playing with one of the best club teams in the world.  So his development shouldn’t be hindered, like many of the past U-23s (looking at you Maurice Edu).  He is in control of his own destiny at this point in his career and barring any terrible injuries he should be a quality, integral part of the USMNT for years to come.

4. Clint Dempsey

Dempsey is the motivational heart and soul of this squad.  He doesn’t quit, he remains a feature of the match even when he is not scoring goals.  He is as pesky as they come, and earned the right to wear the Captain’s armband.  His performance down the stretch slackened, but that was because he was surround by injury and ineptitude.  Dempsey kept fighting despite missing his other primary attacker when Jozy Altidore, unfortunately went down very early in the opening match.  Graham Zusi was flat for almost every moment of the world cup after setting up John Brooks, and Michael Bradley could do nothing right to set up Dempsey, but he still managed to play decently and get a few shots on net.  But, Dempsey is not a player I would characterize as one who can single-handedly take charge of a match, he needs support and when he doesn’t have that around him his stats take a nose dive, even if his motor doesn’t.  He gave it his best, but unfortunately he was the second biggest victim of circumstance for team USA this year.

3. Jermaine Jones

Jones looked like a very different player from past international matches  He appears to have matured under Jurgen Klinsmann’s tutelage.  Another German-American who found a place with the USMNT because the German team was and is brimming with National level talent.  He looks less like the yellow card magnet of the CONCACAF and more like the an important pivot in the midfield.  He was absolutely everywhere on the pitch.  He made important clearances, used his physicality intelligently to make smart tackles and opened up several scoring opportunities.  His finishing is still largely questionable, but the pitch needs pacy, enforcer types just as much as they need goal scorers.  His two-way play was very important, but just like Dempsey he needed more support of which he got very little from Zusi and Bradley.  Hopefully, his maturity and vision continues in his growth to make him a force on the pitch.

2. Omar Gonzalez

This was a very difficult decision to make, between Gonzalez and DeAndre Yedlin.  Both were instrumental for the US and both demonstrated that there is hope in front of the box in the near future.  The deciding factor for Gonzalez being placed here instead of Yedlin was the mere fact that Gonzalez started every match after game 1.  Yedlin did not, and when he did he was playing out of position (very effectively I might add!).  But Gonzalez playing Center Back, long considered to be the weakest spot on the pitch for the squad, was not only effective but crucial for keeping the US from being blown out.  He made 20 clearances during the Belgium match and another 9 very important clearances against Germany.  When the Belgians were slicing through the defense at will, Gonzalez had a strong enough presence to keep the ball away from the net.  Of all the players to take the pitch I was most surprised and most impressed by his level of play.  It looks as if he and Matt Besler could make up a solid tandem for a defense that will look stronger than the 2002 tandem of Jeff Agoos and Eddie Pope.  The position is still not at it’s strongest but the ceiling is high for Gonzalez and the CB positions in general.

1. Tim Howard 

Did you really think it would be anyone else?  Tim Howard was the first, second and third reason that the United States were kept in games.  He may not have had a clean sheet, but that is not his fault.  When you are facing an average of 31.75 shots and 8.25 shots on goal per game, you are bound to let one through, especially when one team (Belgium) has as many shots on goal (17) as the USA had total shots.  His level of play was outstanding, and had a lesser keeper been in net the US could have been absolutely blown out.  When the attack was flat line he stood tall.  The sad thing is, that this could be his final World Cup as the American keeper, he is getting on in years and in 4 years time it will be difficult to say if his level of play will keep him at the top of the depth chart with Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando all being challenged by younger up and coming keepers. Needless to say the day that Tim Howard does step down from the International Ranks—as the best American Goalkeeper ever—is a day when a huge vacuum opens up in a very key spot for the Men’s squad.  

Honorable mentions: DeAndre Yedlin, DaMarcus Beasley, Aron Johannsson

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